What’s the Key to Real Adventure?

One of our own, Doris, recently traveled to Lijiang. This is a destination she has been before and by her own admission, it had very little impact on her. Here is an article she wrote about her recent experience in… Read more

Traveling the World of Travertine

UNESCO Travertine Formations are Few and Far Between We’ve explored and guided in and around Songpan for a long time now. One of our favorite characteristics of the Songpan region is the vast collection of travertine and karst formations. It… Read more
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Introducing Lijiang, Yunnan – A new, carefully crafted tour

Lijiang, a city at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, is famous for its nature, culture and history. It is also the location of our newest, carefully crafted series of tours. We’ve partnered with a local Tibetan and… Read more

Best Practices for Adventure Travel in response to Covid-19

According to a recent survey from the ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association), “Adventure travelers expect to resume near pre-COVID level travel spending in 2021, three years before the overall U.S. travel market is expected to recover.” Adventure travelers are resilient.… Read more

Where do we go now?

It’s a big world out there. Where do you even begin as you consider stepping out of your door? Start by determining your key motivations. Not everyone travels for the same reason and different kinds of travel achieve different goals… Read more

The Tibet Travel Permit and Eastern Tibet

  The Tibetan Plateau, known as the “Roof of the World” stretches from Northern India to the middle of China. Also included are countries like Nepal and Bhutan. With so many choices, where is the best place to visit? In… Read more

Is Jiuzhaigou National Park Open Again?

Raging bull casino 200 no deposit bonus codes Most online slots games are usually divided into different variations, including slots and card games, just check out the best online slots, special offers, you can have access to your favorite online… Read more

Celebrate Chinese and Tibetan New Year in Songpan, Sichuan

Imagine this…The International New Year has come and gone and you are all settling back into your office and school routines, even if just for a little while. BUT, Chinese and Tibetan New Year are on the horizon. China’s industries… Read more

Packing Tips for Mountain Biking in Eastern Tibet

If you're planning on mountain biking in China or Eastern Tibet, we want to help you be prepared. We’ll start with a few Q&A’s that are helpful for anyone coming to the region and finish off with a few additional… Read more

Packing for a Trek in Eastern Tibet

Whether you are in the early phases of planning a trip to the Eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau or you have already booked a trip and are headed this way soon, it is helpful to know how to pack.… Read more

Tibet is a Sensory Feast

Adventure Access was recently mentioned by AFAR Magazine in an article titled "Tibet is a Sensory Feast You Have to Experience to Believe." We certainly believe that it is but don't just take our word for it. Join Adventure Access… Read more

Traveling Beyond Tibet – Immersive Highlights in China

Before and After Eastern Tibet: Adventure Access offers rich experiences throughout China Traveling through Tibet can be one of the richest experiences of a lifetime. It takes effort and commitment. Even getting there is a long journey for most anyone… Read more