How Will Coronavirus (Covid-19) Affect Adventure Travel to Tibet in 2020?

Covid-19 and Adventure Travel in 2020 – Updated March 19, 2020

This is the third version of this article that we have put together in as many weeks. The reality is that we could make some changes or additions every day. We’ve all probably said something in the past day that is no longer applicable today. The situation keeps changing rapidly. We are all faced with the responsibility of making deeply personal decisions that impact ourselves and others. Be safe and work hard to protect others!

Right now, most probably consider a trip to the grocery store a major undertaking and are not in a position to plan travel around the country or across the world. This too will pass. There will come a time when people are ready to move about. There will be some important considerations to keep in mind when that day comes and we will address those when the time is right. For now, we’ve put together a few answers to common questions we are getting. We hope this helps you make a responsible decision for this year’s plans. We encourage you to be wise, avoid adding fear to the world, and smile at people. Even if you are required to wear a mask in public, smile from behind that mask because others can see it in your eyes.

What does the Coronavirus (Covid-19) mean for Adventure Travel in China in 2020?

We believe it is still too early to make summary statements regarding the entirety of 2020. Our spring trips have been cancelled or postponed but we are hoping to receive tours beginning in June for our domestic clients in China.

We will keep monitoring the situation, taking into account the various recommendations from local authorities on the ground, the World Health Organization (WHO), governments around the globe, and airlines as part of our evaluative criteria.

Our first commitment is to the safety of our guests because if you are not safe, then transformation doesn’t take place and people do not experience the joy that comes with the experience.

Has Adventure Access been affected by the Coronavirus?

This has been unlike any other year. We began with a great tour during the Chinese and Tibetan New Year in Songpan. By the time the tour was over, coronavirus was a term known widely around the world. All our guests returned safely home.

Our staff are all safe and healthy. Our office is currently closed but we are working remotely from various locations. Life in China is beginning to recover. Some of our staff have been able to go outside, enjoy a walk, and accomplish some small tasks.

Are you accepting bookings at present?

For inbound clients, we are accepting bookings for the Fall of 2020.
For domestic clients in China, we are accepting bookings for summer.
For both we have a revised booking and cancellation policy that works in your favor because we want you to be able to book with confidence, without the risk of losing money!

General inquiries are always welcome!

Is Adventure Access cancelling tours at this time?

Adventure Access has not initiated the cancellation of any tours at present. Most tours booked at this time are for the summer and fall and we suggest allowing more time to pass before any final decisions are made.

We will reassess the situation every couple of weeks or upon any major announcements from the government or the WHO. If the travel restrictions are prolonged in a way that affects travel later in the year, we will allow date changes with no fees. Cancellations are subject to the terms at your time of booking.

How can I find information on the coronavirus and associated travel adjustments?

Please check the WHO website, your country’s state department or health bureau, and check with your airline regarding travel to and from China. Here are a few links that are common for many of our visitors.

How is the coronavirus affecting the Tibetan Plateau?

Coronavirus has had a minimal impact on the Tibetan Plateau so far. Most of our tours are operated in Aba and Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefectures. 1 person in Aba contracted COVID-19, has recovered and was released from the hospital. In Gannan, 8 people had the same experience.

Busses are operating between Chengdu and Songpan, home to our Outdoor Center but online ticket sales are suspended and other safety measures may be required. The national parks in Aba remain closed at this time.

Like everywhere else, the economic impact on the Tibetan Plateau is significant. Responsible tourism will have a unique advantage to help in the recovery process. We look forward to that day!

What’s Next?

Everyone is taking about social distancing these days. We get it. But it definitely gives us mixed feelings because we are committed to creating meaningful connections between people. We strive to help people connect with the friends and family they are traveling with. We also bridge the gap between visitors and locals. We are all about connections. People will travel again. The question is this: what kind of travel will you be looking for. Our emphasis is on small groups to less visited locations. Standing in the midst of the Tibetan Grasslands with few other people around other than your traveling companions and the local nomad hosts sounds good to us right about now! We will start doing this again when it it healthy to do so!

Until then we are going to keep connecting on social media. We want to share stories from some of the amazing people we work with so be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and WeChat.

If it is information you are looking for, Connect with us on Facebook by liking our page to get the latest information and updates on the coronavirus’ impact on Tibet, Songpan, and Adventure Access.

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