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Once you get to know the people of Western China and Eastern Tibet, you’ll never be the same. Their perspectives sharpen your vision. The challenges of their environment invigorate you. Their lives awaken your curiosity.

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Amdo Overland Experience

Towering peaks, deep valleys, and a rich culture appeal to the adventurous, what else does it mean to Experience Amdo Tibet?

Amdo Tibet combines the best cultural elements of Tibetan farming and nomadic communities with important monastic centers and a growing number of opportunities to experience trails for hiking and biking as well as some of China’s most notable national parks.

The Adventure Access Amdo Overland Experience weaves all of these rich experiences into a single narrative where the traveler can become a part of the local story and experience exhilarating adventure combined with deep local encounters. To travel overland through Amdo is to respond to the call to experience the whole of Tibet.

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Your Adventure is Our Local

A Highly Experienced Team on the Ground

Our founders embraced Eastern Tibet decades ago and the warm people of Sichuan and Gansu responded by drawing us deeply into their culture. Our American roots and adopted Tibetan family create a rare bridge which allows you unrivaled access to the true Tibetan experience.

Our team at Adventure Access is eager to help you discover the breath-taking scenery and unique peoples of Western China. We look forward to meeting you and are excited to discover how your experience will transform, enlighten and inspire you. If you are visiting Songpan, please stop in to see us at our Songpan Outdoor Center.

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Lijiang! Locally led and carefully crafted tours for expats!

Who's Hungry? Explore your city through an authentic culinary experience! Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi'an food tours available!

Songpan Outdoor Center currently closed, but we are still here to help you plan your Tibetan adventure!

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