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Towering peaks, deep valleys, and a rich culture appeal to the adventurous. What else does it mean to experience the Roof of the World?

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Traveling with Adventure Access combines the best cultural elements of regional farming and nomadic communities with important monastic centers and a growing number of opportunities to experience trails for hiking and biking as well as some of the region’s most notable National Parks.

Our travel specialists and guides weave all of these rich experiences into a single narrative where the traveler can become a part of the local story and experience exhilarating adventure combined with deep local encounters. Our experienced guides know how and where to combine these elements to give the traveler a seamless approach to some of the most incredible parts of the Tibetan Plateau and greater Himalayan region.


If you want an adventure or to see pure natural beauty, you must use Adventure Access!


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China, Gansu & Sichuan

Amdo Overland Experience

Embark on a journey to experience Amdo Tibet through the Amdo Overland Experience


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See individual locations throughout Amdo listed below.

Travel through vast mountainous regions, visit monasteries, experience local customs and food. Hike, bike, paddle, visit National Parks, or slow down by adding a night at a local Home Stay.

India: Ladakh

Adventure Access focuses on mountain biking as well as combined overland and trekking opportunities. The entire region is high altitude with many of the passes being in excess of 16,000ft in elevation.

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Nepal is home to the highest elevations on the planet. Mount Everest is on the border with China and 7 other 8000+ meter peaks are located in the country or on the border with China’s Tibetan region. The other notable peaks are Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Kangchenjunga, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu.

Adventure opportunities abound. Multi-day treks are the most common activity in the country for the average adventurer. Popular destinations include Everest Base Camp, the Annapurna circuit, and for those allured by exclusivity, Nepal’s Mustang region.

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Bhutan, known locally as the Dragon Kingdom, is one of the most preserved environments in the world. Over 70% of the country is untouched forest. It boasts some of the cleanest rivers you could possibly see. In fact, it is the only carbon negative nation in the world. It’s remoteness and mystique prohibit most people, but it is one of the best adventure destinations in the Himalayas. Opportunities for hiking, mountain biking (a favorite of the 4th king of Bhutan), rafting, and culturally immersive experiences abound.
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China: Yunnan

Lijiang is a classic destination for travelers in China with its historic towns and villages along the old Tea Caravan Road, and the iconic Jade Dragon Mountain towering over the valley at an imposing 18,360 ft (5,596 m) above sea level.
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