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Towering peaks, deep valleys, and a rich culture appeal to the adventurous, what else does it mean to Experience Amdo Tibet?


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Amdo Tibet combines the best cultural elements of Tibetan farming and nomadic communities with important monastic centers and a growing number of opportunities to experience trails for hiking and biking as well as some of China’s most notable national parks.
The Adventure Access Amdo Overland Experience weaves all of these rich experiences into a single narrative where the traveler can become a part of the local story and experience exhilarating adventure combined with deep local encounters. Our experienced guides know how and where to combine these elements to give the traveler a seamless approach to one of the most incredible parts of the Tibetan Plateau.

To travel overland through Amdo is to respond to the call to experience the whole of Tibet.


If you want an adventure or to see pure natural beauty, you must use Adventure Access!


Mike – Woodbridge, Virginia

Travel through vast Tibetan regions, visit monasteries, experience local customs and food. Hike, bike, visit National Parks, or slow down by adding a night at a Tibetan Home Stay.

Route Highlights and Options

Lanzhou / Xining

Begin your overland journey from Lanzhou or Xining. These two cities are the collection point to begin your experience with our guides.



Labrang Monastery

  1. Tour Labrang Monastery
  2. Day hike around and above the monastery with our guides for the best photo locations
  3. Learn more about Xiahe here



  • Kirti Monastery
  • Sertri Monastery
  • Namo Gorge Hiking
  • Learn more about Langmusi here




  • Shangsizhai Village
    • Experience Jiuzhaigou culture with an Adventure Access/A Bu Lu Zi immersive experience.
  • The Grazing Camp
    • 2-3 day treks above Shangsizhai Village
  • Jiuzhaigou National Park
  • Check out more about Jiuzhaigou and tours operated here at this link





  • Food Tours
    • Experience a food tour with our partners at Lost Plate Food Tours
  • Pandas
    • Self guided experience at the city’s Giant Panda Research Base
  • Museums and City Sites
    • Self-Guided Tours to see the city highlights.

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2021 Amdo Overland Experiences

  • Fall: September 6 – September 19, 2021*
  • Winter: Chinese/Tibetan New Year — Specific dates to be determined
    •  Subject to change due to global pandemic response


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