The Tibetan town of Taktsang Lhamo སྟག་ཚང་ལྷ་མོ is one of the best small towns in Amdo. Langmusi, as it is known in Chinese, is a monastery town, but it is home to two distinct monasteries – Kirti Monastery on the Sichuan side and Sertri Monastery on the Gansu side. Don’t think of it as just another monastery town, however, as the surrounding area is somewhat Alp like with its towering stone peaks and beautiful trails that provide great day hiking.

The best place for a day hike or even an overnight is Namo Gorge (3300-4000m) which can be accessed at the top end of Kirti monastery on the Sichuan side of town (purchasing a ticket to the monastery is required). The gorge is the source of the White Dragon River and is also home to the Tiger’s Den and Goddess Caves which are great for exploring.

Depending on your arrival time in Langmusi, we recommend 1-2 nights in the area to allow for visiting the monasteries and exploring Namo Gorge. It is one of our favorite day hikes in Amdo!

Contact us in advance to book extended options in the Langmusi region that include multi-day bike rides, trekking, mountaineering, and horse trekking.