Shangsizhai Village is 15km from the entrance of Jiuzhaigou National Park, making it a nearby place from which it is easy to visit the famous park, but also making it just far enough away to lose the crowds and enjoy an authentic Tibetan experience. It is home to many Tibetan families who live in their traditional houses, one of which is our favorite home away from home…Ama’s.

Ama is one of our favorite people. Her children run several successful ventures which are well known throughout Jiuzhaigou and beyond. These include Shangsizhai’s Zhuoma’s Tibetan Homestay and the newer A Bu Lu Zi Eco Lodge. In addition to these is A Bu Lu Zi Tibetan Restaurant, located near the entrance to the National Park.
A Bu Lu Zi Eco Lodge and Zhuoma’s Tibetan Homestay are our basecamp for all of our treks in the Jiuzhaigou Area. The nomad camp and the summits that we climb in the region are all high above Shangsizhai Village.


Jiuzhaigou Earthquake Update:

On August 8, 2017 there was a major earthquake in Jiuzhaigou. Though greatly affected, Jiuzhaigou National Park will re-open in March of 2018. Visitors will be limited to 2000 people per day and tickets must be purchased in advance. Please contact us for more details regarding the requirements and restrictions related to visiting Jiuzhaigou National Park in 2018.

Zhuoma’s Tibetan Homestay will remain closed for 2018 but the family’s A Bu Lu Zi Eco Lodge will re-open in June of 2018. Adventure Access treks in Jiuzhaigou Country will also resume in 2018. Contact us for more details.