Jiuzhaigou National Park update: In September of 2019 the Jiuzhaigou National Park reopened on a limited basis, more information on the park’s status can be found on our blog.

Shangsizhai Village, just 15km from the entrance of Jiuzhaigou National Park, allows easy access to the famous park, but is also far enough away to lose the crowds and enjoy an authentic Tibetan experience. 


The 2017 Jiuzhaigou Earthquake had a profound impact on Shangsizhai Village. Before the earthquake, Shangsizhai was home to many Tibetan families still living in their traditional houses, one of which was our favorite home away from home…Ama’s. Because of the damage caused by the earthquake, it seems doubtful Ama’s family and many others will ever be able to rebuild their traditional family homes. 


Ama is one of our favorite people. Her children have run several successful ventures which are well known throughout Jiuzhaigou and beyond, including the A Bu Lu Zi Eco Lodge as well as the A Bu Lu Zi Tibetan Restaurant, located near the entrance to the National Park. During the rebuilding process since the earthquake, her family is at the center of a community redevelopment plan involving more than 10 local families hoping to promote tourism in the region again by showcasing local handcraft manufacturing and other cultural treasures. 


We are excited to continue working closely with Ama’s family in the rebuilding process of Shangsizhai Village and look forward to what 2020 will bring. Ama’s family will have the A Bu Lu Zi Eco Log reopened for 2020 and we hope to resume day-treks and cultural experiences in the village. For the latest information on multi-day trekking options for 2020 in the Jiuzhaigou region. Please contact us.