A Day Hike to Shangniba Monastery

We recently led a day hike to Shangniba Monastery in Songpan County. This is a great way to experience Songpan for a day, especially if your time is limited. Starting at our Songpan Branch Office, we headed out of the… Read more

Adventure Access and A Bu Lu Zi – A Great Way to Experience Jiuzhaigou – 深度体验九寨的最佳拍档

Adventure Access and A Bu Lu Zi --- The best way to experience Jiuzhaigou. Abu Lu Zi Eco Lodge ​​​One of the things that makes Adventure Access stand apart from other tour providers is our deep connections with locals in… Read more

Tibetan New Year

The Tibetan New Year, known as Losar, is celebrated widely across Tibetan Buddhist regions. While it is determined by the Lunar Calendar, just as the Chinese New Year, it has historically fallen on a different date. In the Amdo region,… Read more

A Traditional Chinese New Year in Songpan Old Town

We recently spent Chinese New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in Songpan, the old town in Northern Sichuan where our branch office and outdoor base is located. With its old walls still present around the center of the town,… Read more

5000k for 2017

It’s has been far to long since we have blogged anything here at Adventure Access. Let’s face it. We like to spend time outdoors. We don’t like to spend a lot of time in front of the computer. We’re doing… Read more

2015 成都 Holiday 5K and Fun Run

This morning Adventure Access in association with IEM Race Management put on a 5k and Fun Run for the community in Chengdu. We want to thank everyone who came out to participate in the event. We also want to thank… Read more

Wilderness Weekend with the Chengdu Girl Scouts

Last weekend Adventure Access took the Girl Scouts from Chengdu on a Wilderness Weekend in Songpan, Sichuan. It was a great time of learning about the outdoors and we were able to experience the fun and growth that comes in… Read more

A Hike Up Mt. Xiao Xue Bao Ding

A week ago two employees at Adventure Access set off from Chengdu to climb Xiao Xue Bao Ding, the sister mountain or as it’s called in Tibetan, ‘the wife’ of Xue Bao Ding. Xue Bao Ding is the eastern most… Read more

Outdoor Education: A Day at Egret Bay

Outdoor education is not easy to define in one universal way. Its definition often molds to specific participants, environments, and goals. Creating an atmosphere where participants can learn vital life skills through an activity designed to create a specific experience… Read more

Where to Eat in Songpan

We know that traveling to unknown places can be difficult and sometimes intimidating for visitors. Knowing where to eat can make all the difference. Our hope is to help you navigate your stay in Songpan by providing these dining suggestions.… Read more

小老外Tri and Chengdu-athlon

Our race management story: About one year ago we were talking with a good friend and the idea to start providing race opportunities for the Chengdu community and beyond was born. IEM and Adventure Access Race Management have partnered together and… Read more

Mount Zhaga Trip

Recently we’ve had a lot going on here at Adventure Access: opening a new office, developing new areas for adventure tours, and taking people on trips. One of our interns just spent three weeks in Songpan. He had the privilege… Read more