Enter to Win AND Protect our Planet

Did you know? Only 9% of the world’s plastic is recycled.

There are enough single use plastic bottles used within the Adventure Travel industry each year to fill 3 Empire State Buildings.

Adventure Access is committed to creating a better environment in China so everyone can enjoy the wilderness for years to come. We’ve partnered with Grayl to reduce single use plastic bottles. We want to ask you to commit with us and make the world around us a better, cleaner place.



We’re giving away 10 Grayl Ultralight Purifiers to kickstart the collective effort to make an impact. Enter to win through our WeChat Official Account (SichuanAdventureAccess) and on our Instagram account @sichuanadventureaccess. Scan the QR code below to enter our WeChat account.



The Grayl Ultralight Purifier is our favorite new product in 2018. It is perfect for use in the outdoors and for international travel. Enjoy safe water anywhere. Eliminate plastic bottles.


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