Cultural and Educational Tourism

Adventure Access recently paired up with Chengdu International School to take their 7th grade class to Songpan and Jiu Zhai Gou Counties of Sichuan Province. They visited Songpan Ancient Town, Jiu Zhai Gou National Park, and a Tibetan village. Cultural… Read more

Biking at 13,500 ft Above Sea Level

We recently headed out for some superb cycling at our highest altitudes yet. We started at 13,500 feet and rode down to about 9,500 feet. The weather was clear, oxygen was in short supply, yet the route we chose provided… Read more

Greenhouse Success

Adventure Access owner, Brian, examines the produce in the pilot greenhouse. Last year Adventure Access brought Voluntourism to Northern Sichuan when a group of high school students from various Asian countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia, etc… traveled… Read more

It’s Official!

In March of 2012 Adventure Access was granted all of the necessary stamps, documents, and licenses to become Western China’s first foreign-owned tour operator. This was a major milestone for those of us at Adventure Access who have been working… Read more

Mountain Unicycling Trip with Tim RobnettMountain Unicycling Trip with Tim Robnett

In the Spring of 2011, Adventure Access took Tim Robnett, a photographer, and some support staff to Songpan County of Sichuan Province. The result was a good day of unicycling, biking, and photography. Tim, the first mountain unicyclist to take… Read more


Thank you for your interest in Adventure Access, Western China’s first foreign owned and operated tour agency. Adventure Access is committed to bringing you the best experience in China’s diverse outdoor and cultural climate. In order to do so, we… Read more