The Shambala Story

The founder and family behind the startup of Adventure Access was recently featured in the newly released documentary, 香巴拉深处(Shambala Story).


The documentary highlights the depths of Tibetan life in China as it tells the stories of individuals and families in what has been referred to as the Sino-Tibetan corridor. It is the first large-scale 4K documentary in China and the first of its kind to fully describe the human geography and the times of Sichuan’s Tibetan regions.


The documentary crew described this region as having “vast forests, snow-capped mountains, crystal glaciers, deep valleys, and boundless grasslands.” We would agree and say that is just the beginning. Shambala Story combines videography of these natural elements with interesting stories about the people who inhabit this place.


In 2016, we encountered the Shambala Story crew at a Tibetan Horse Race near the Yellow River in RuoErGai, home to our Nomad Experience. We spent about 10 days with the crew, guiding them to various regions of Songpan, RuoErGai, and Jiuzhaigou.


The Shambala Story crew are some amazing people and we consider it a privilege to know them. The quality of the documentary is consistent with the quality of the people who made it. We highly recommend it! Watch the documentary and then be sure to visit this beautiful place to encounter the people and geography of this region.


This project served as a huge affirmation of our desire to Get Out More and our journey to help our clients do the same. We encourage you to watch the documentary (even if you cant understand the Chinese, the videography is great) and take the next step to join us for an incredible experience together in this place called Shambala.


Adventure Access operates outdoor and cultural experiences in each of the places revealed during the segment about us in episode 4. In order of appearance, they are Songpan, RuoErGai, and Jiuzhaigou (starting at the 26:13 minute mark).


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