Tibet is a Sensory Feast

Adventure Access was recently mentioned by AFAR Magazine in an article titled “Tibet is a Sensory Feast You Have to Experience to Believe.” We certainly believe that it is but don’t just take our word for it.

Join Adventure Access on an Amdo Overland Experience to truly immerse yourself in a culture defined by its tastes, textures, and larger than life landscape.
Enter a Buddhist monastery in Tibet and you may witness a sacred ceremony called the “offerings of the five senses,” with burning incense, cakes, and silk offered up to the gods to represent smell, taste, and touch, and mirrors and bells symbolizing sight and sound.

True to its Tibetan surroundings, Adventure Access’s Amdo Overland Experience provides travelers with an equally stunning sensory feast. From the sight of sweeping mountain peaks and plains, to the sounds of monastic prayer flags snapping in the wind, to the mouth-watering aroma of baking balep bread and simmering thupka noodle soup, you will be deeply immersed in the moment as you experience the flavors and textures of Tibet. Whether you go solo or with a group, two weeks spent as one of the few travelers to visit Amdo, the eastern Tibetan Plateau, is more than just a tour—it’s a stimulating journey for all of the senses.

Read more here: AFAR Magazine.


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