Is Jiuzhaigou National Park Open Again?


Jiuzhaigou is like a home away from home for the Adventure Access family. Some of our earliest tours were offered in Jiuzhaigou with partners in the region. Since then, these local partners have become some of our closest friends and are like family to many of us. Because of our close relationships and long history in the region, the earthquake in 2017 was devastating to all of us. We have walked hand in hand with our friends who are continuing to rebuild their homes and their businesses. As they strive to push forward, we’ve been amazed at their resilient efforts to rebuild lives that thrive and will once again embrace visitors to the region with a level of service that exceeds all expectations. 



So, is Jiuzhaigou National Park open again? This is a question we receive on a regular basis. In 2018 they re-opened the park for a very short season. It was highly regulated and all guests had to visit as part of a registered tour. Because the heavy rains of 2018 continued to cause safety concerns, they closed the park after a short time. 

Since reopening in late September, regulations have been similar. The infrastructure has been greatly improved and the roads to the region have been rebuilt but the number of visitors allowed each day is currently limited to 8,000. Visitors must be part of a tour group this season, with only a few agencies allowed to arrange tickets into the park.




It is our encouragement that you consider what kind of experience you want to have before you rush to book a tour to Jiuzhaigou. Many expats or inbound visitors to China often feel overwhelmed by the crowds of China’s main attractions. The big bus style tourism can be a turn-off for many. If you want an individualized type experience in the Jiuzhaigou region, then we highly encourage you to wait until the 2020 season. By then the small guest house operators will resume business, including our great friends at A Bu Lu Zi Eco Lodge. It is places like this that make a memorable experience for those visiting the region. Their warmth and hospitality are a great way to end the day after visiting the park so to miss out on the local hospitality of the region would mean missing out on some of the best elements of the area. At present, these families just need a little more time to continue preparing for you and other visitors.



Other National Parks in the region have continued to operate as normal, including Huanglong National Park and Muni Valley National Park. These are viable options for anyone traveling to the region this Fall. For 2020 visitors to the Jiuzhaigou area we recommend day hikes in Shangsizhai Village and around Gami Temple in addition to visiting the national park. For up to date information on multi-day treks in the Jiuzhaigou area please contact us.

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