Xuebaoding Trekking – Songpan

Songpan, Sichuan

Tour Information

Tour duration:
4-7 days
2 Meals per day. Lunch is not included.*
(*select lunches may be provided by homestays. Subject to availability.)
Skill / Challenge
low/medium/high (distance,altitude)

Mount Xuebaoding is a highlight for many visitors to Songpan County, though most only see it from the viewing platform on the way to Huanglong National Park. With an altitude of 18,333ft or 5588m, it is the highest peak in the Minshan Range. It is the most Northeastern of the great peaks that rise out of the Himalayas and forms the Eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau. Xuebaoding is part of the Huanglong Nature Reserve and is home to diverse plant and wildlife species.


Suggested Itinerary for trek to Hongxing Basecamp
Seven Days/Six Night treks are available starting at 665 USD per person with a 2 person minimum. This includes guide services, equipment, select homestays, and 2 meals per day. Hot lunches are not included.

This route passes from Songpan Old Town through Niri Valley and into Shanglami Village before moving up the valley to Xuebaoding Basecamp. There are times allotted for exploring the waterfalls near Shanglami as well as exploring Xuebaoding’s basecamp region and nearby alpine lakes.

Day 1 – Hike from Songpan through Niri Valley and to the mountain camp between Niri Valley and Shanglami Village.

Day 2 – Proceed to Shanglami Village. Explore nearby waterfalls. Stay in Shanglami Village.

Day 3 – Hike to Xuebaoding basecamp.

Day 4 – Explore the base camp region and possibly hike to nearby Long Lake.

Day 5 – Return to Shanglami Village.*

Day 6 – Hike to Niri Valley’s Shanglami Monastery. Stay in Shanglami Village.

Day 7 – Return to Songpan.

*Shorter Itineraries are available by choosing a vehicle transfer back to Songpan from Shanglami Village or by visiting fewer locations. Inquire for details and proposed itineraries.

Other Information

Xuebaoding Trek:

Trekking to Mount Xuebaoding passes through Niri Valley and Shanglami Village. Both areas are committed to sustainable tourism development and are partnering closely with Adventure Access to develop a sustainable trails and camping program. A combination of tent camping and Tibetan home stays makes this one of the most culturally immersive trekking experiences in Songpan. High mountain vistas, deep forested valleys, waterfalls, and rivers also make this a diverse trail experience.

The locals in this region are among the most friendly to host travelers and thru-hikers. Their hospitality is warm and so is their food!

The suggested itinerary on this page is only one option. For those short on time or looking for a lower price point, there are options for 3-5 day treks as well. Pack horses are available as are horses for riding. Please inquire for details and rates for horses.

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