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Tour duration:
2-4 Day options are available
Skill / Challenge
Low skill level/medium to high challenge

Jiuzhaigou offers far more than just the National Park. By joining an Adventure Access trek, guided by our staff and local Tibetan guides, you will experience dense, moss laden forests and high alpine peaks. Plan to spend 2-3 days trekking with us from the A Bu Lu Zi Eco Lodge to experience the stunning vistas of Jiuzhaigou, away from the crowds.

  • 2-day/ 1-night treks start at 180 USD per person
  • 3-day/ 2-night treks start at 270 USD per person
  • All treks begin and end at the A Bu Lu Zi Eco Lodge
  • Pack horses are available for an additional charge of 50 USD per horse per day



Update: Jiuzhaigou is still recovering from the 2017 Earthquake. Information on the current status of Jiuzhaigou National Park can be found on our blog. For 2020 visitors to the Jiuzhaigou area we recommend day hikes in Shangsizhai Village and around Gami Temple in addition to visiting the national park. For up to date information on multi-day treks in the Jiuzhaigou Region please contact us.

Route Details:

Start and End: This circular route begins and ends at Zhuoma’s Tibetan Homestay or Abu Lu Eco Lodge (our base camp for Jiuzhaigou area treks).

Duration: 2-4 Day options are available

Distance: From Zhuoma’s Tibetan Homestay to Camp 1 – 6.1 miles (9.8km) / From the trailhead in the neighboring Zhong Cha Valley to Camp 1 – 3.3 miles (5.3km).

Altitude Details: Zhuoma’s Tibetan Homestay and Abu Lu Zi Eco Lodge – 7,500 ft (2,286m) / Trailhead – 8,500ft (2,590m) / Camp 1 – 11,500ft (3,505m) / Mountain Summit above Camp 1 14,220ft (4,334m)

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Level: Beginner to Intermediate – This is a nontechnical climb.

Climbing Season: We lead treks in the area as early as April when snows are still common. May through August is peak season for traveling to this area, but rain is common in the early summer. Cold temperatures return in September to Camp 1 and higher, but the clear Autumn skies generally provides some of the best views of the surrounding peaks.


Be sure to acclimatise first!

Because most visitors to this area travel via Chengdu, which is only 1,500 feet (457 meters) above sea level, we recommend a time of acclimatization for safety reasons. This generally involves one travel day to the Jiuzhaigou area and one day to visit the National Park.

Everyone coming to the area should consider a visit to Jiuzhaigou National Park. But be forewarned, it is very crowded! Because of the size of Chinese crowds, the park must manage your time and movements in order to preserve the area. National Parks in China are different than parks in North America or Europe.

Other Information

Adventure Access Jiuzhaigou Trekking Information

Pack horses are available to haul heavy gear, lightening your load and making your days on the trail more enjoyable. Beginning at about 7,500 ft (2,286 m) above sea level, the trek will depart from either Zhuoma’s Tibetan Homestay or Abu Lu Zi Eco Lodge. It is a one day hike through a forested area with mountain streams to Camp 1, situated at about 11,500 feet (3,505 meters) above sea level. The final 500 foot ascent to Camp 1 involves a steep switchback section, leading from the dense forest floor to the camp located just above the tree line.

From Camp 1 we lead our clients to summit one of the 14,000+ft (4026+m) area peaks. The options for exploration depend on the duration of your itinerary as it requires one day for each summit attempt. These climbs provide you with the opportunity to explore the heights of Northern Sichuan as well as push yourself to accomplish the challenge of these high mountain summits. Upon completion of your itinerary, we return to Zhuoma’s Tibetan Homestay or A Bu Lu Zi Eco Lodge.

Summit attempts are subject to weather and visibility as well as the fitness of the client or group as a whole.

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