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Why Experience Eastern Tibet through Trekking and Hiking

Choosing to take the mountain path rewards those who travel on their own two feet with stunning views, personal accomplishment, and the development of new friendships with those encountered along the way. The pace of trekking or hiking allows for a deeper appreciation of nature and culture. There is time to learn along the way rather than just seeing and remaining unaffected.

Choosing the Best Route

Not all routes achieve the same purpose. Hiking options in Songpan and Jiuzhaigou are diverse. Some trails, such as on the Mount Zhaga Experience, lead to mountain summits, allowing the visitor to push their limits and experience new heights. Some trails, such as in the Xuebaoding area, cross multiple passes leading from one village to another, creating the opportunity to stay in Tibetan homes. Some trails stick to the valleys but lead to alpine lakes or waterfalls, rewarding the visitor with incredible displays of natural beauty. Trails in National Parks like Muni Valley are developed for tourism, regulated to protect the major sites within.

Equipment, Season, Duration

Adventure Access provides equipment for our hiking and trekking guests. Items such as tents, sleeping bags, camping pads, and food preparation and dining equipment are provided. Backpacks, clothing, and the proper footwear need to be acquired by each client before coming. For packing recommendations, please click here.

The best time of year for trekking or hiking in Eastern Tibet is summer. Early season treks begin in late March or early April. The trekking season concludes in October. You can view a seasonal temperature chart here.

We suggest allowing time to acclimatize before beginning any treks or hikes in the area. For multi-day treks, plan for at least 4 days in the region. Some longer treks require up to 8 days in the region.

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