China, Gansu & Sichuan

Amdo Overland Experience

Embark on a journey to experience Amdo Tibet through the Amdo Overland Experience


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See individual locations throughout Amdo listed below.


  • Huanglong National Park

    Huanglong National Park, while often overshadowed by Jiuzhaigou National Park, is definitely worth the visit to see its unique mineral formations and the many colors within its pools and cascading waterfall sections.
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  • Mount Zhaga

    One of our more popular trekking trips, Mt. Zhaga is a great hike for anyone who loves the outdoors!
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  • Shangniba

    Our half day tours begin at the Adventure Access Songpan Outdoor Center and includes information regarding Songpan’s history. The hike provides a pleasant view of the surrounding area, as well as being a nice opportunity for exposure to Tibetan life and monastery culture.
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  • Mount Xuebaoding and Shanglami Village

    Xuebaoding is the tallest mountain in Eastern Aba Prefecture. It is the eastern most of the great mountains that rise out of the Himalayas and stands at 18,333ft (5588m) above sea level. The mountain sits within the Huanglong Nature Preserve and the valley to the north of the mountain is home to Huanglong National Park, one of the greatest karst formations in the world.
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  • Qizang Valley/Hongxing Lake

    Hongxing Mountain is among the tallest stone mountains in Songpan. Situated just to the east of Chuanzhusi it is easily recognized as it towers above all surrounding peaks. Hongxing lake lies just below the base of the stone peak on the eastern side. This alpine lake is 4,000m above sea level.
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  • Muni Valley

    Muni Valley 牟尼沟 China’s National Parks or scenic areas are often known for their large crowds. Even when the scenery may be worth battling the lines, it can be overwhelming at times. Muni Valley is one of those places that is not characterized by large numbers of people. It is a smaller, less visited park that is in the same region as Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong National Parks. Under the administration of Huanglong National Park in Songpan County, Sichuan, Muni Valley is very well managed and has nice facilities for the visitors.
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  • Songpan Outdoor Center

    We can’t wait to open for the 2020 season! Get Out More and come see us in Songpan. Adventure Access Songpan is equipped with mountain bikes, camping gear, and an indoor climbing wall. Our knowledgeable and trained staff are ready to take you out into the Sichuan wilderness. We specialize in trekking, mountain biking, camping, and tours around Songpan and Jiuzhaigou. Just drop in or contact us to schedule your China outdoor adventure. Bike rentals are also available.
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  • Shangsizhai Village

    Jiuzhaigou is much more than just the national park. Multi-day and day hiking options around nearby Shangsizhai Village are open for the 2021 season!
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  • Jiuzhaigou National Park

    Jiuzhaigou is much more than just the national park. A stay at the A Bu Lu Zi Eco Lodge and joining us for 2-3 days of trekking is the best way to experience the stunning vistas of Jiuzhaigou without the crowds.
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Tangke - Zoige Grasslands - The Yellow River

Visiting Tangke is like stepping back in time. This is appropriate as it occupies a key position on the upper section of China’s Mother River. It is as though life flows from the region and to visit the grasslands of this region certainly gives some fresh perspectives for our own lives.
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Langmusi - Lhamo Monastery

Envision towering majestic peaks that can rival anything the Alps have to offer. Journey with us as we immerse ourselves in the grand elegance of these mountains, hiking ageless trails through the spectacular, breathtaking landscape.
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Xiahe and Labrang Monastery

At Xiahe, we’ll guide you through experiences that will reveal new regions of your soul and self. Each year, thousands of Buddhist pilgrims make their way to the Labrang Monastery བླ་བྲང་དགོན་པ, the cultural and religious heart of Amdo. You’ll encounter them circumambulating the vast complex each day, spinning the 1000 plus prayer wheels that line the kora. Immerse yourself in this cultural experience and allow it to transform the very heart of who you are.
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China: Yunnan, Lijiang

Lijiang is a classic destination for travelers in China with its historic towns and villages along the old Tea Caravan Road, and the iconic Jade Dragon Mountain towering over the valley at an imposing 18,360 ft (5,596 m) above sea level.
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