Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu

Nestled in the midst of the dizzying streets of Kathmandu is the most well known Stupa in the city. Each day, multitudes of people encircle the shrine in hopes of having their wishes fulfilled or to gain power from spiritual… Read more

True Bhutanese Immersion through a Hot Stone Bath

Somehow my first experience in Bhutan did not include a hot stone bath. That was a huge mistake! Why no one encouraged me to visit an old Bhutanese homestead and experience a hot stone bath is a mystery. I saw… Read more
jiuzhaigou unesco world heritage site

What makes a UNESCO World Heritage Site

With China’s long history, rich culture, and environmental regions as amazing as the Tibetan  Plateau, it is no wonder that there are 56 sites in China listed on the World Heritage List.  According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and… Read more
Jiuzhaigou woman adventure access

Jiuzhaigou’s Long Road to Recovery

In 2017, a major earthquake changed the life and business pursuits of many homes and even entire villages in the Jiuzhaigou area. It was late enough in the evening on that warm August day for most people to be out… Read more

Mountains and Gods: Why the Tallest Mountains are Revered in Tibet

If you’ve ever seen a documentary about climbing Mount Everest, you have probably seen Sherpas leading expedition teams to make offerings around a monument of stones and prayer flags near basecamp as they set off to climb.     Tibetan Buddhism… Read more
trekkers mountains

To Be Sherpa is an Ethnic Heritage, Not a Profession

The Sherpa are one of many ethnic Tibetan groups found throughout the Himalayas. Many Sherpas live in Nepal but they can also be found in China and India. The Tibetan meaning of Sherpa can be derived from the two words… Read more
mt everest challenge

New Challanges Await You: Everesting April 9-26th

Did you know 1 out of 10 jobs globally are in the tourism industry, an industry devastated by the pandemic. Adventure travel has a way of bridging gaps between people. Whether we are bridging gaps between ourselves and family members… Read more