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Why Experience Eastern Tibet through Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in Eastern Tibet pushes many limits. Some adventurers seek speed and the technical challenge that these famous mountains provide in abundance. Some seek a new physical challenge, getting on a mountain bike for the very first time. No matter what your reason for biking on the Eastern Tibetan Plateau may be, these trails are open for all.

Trails Unlike Anywhere Else

The trails that cross the slopes and valleys of the Tibetan Plateau were not built for mountain biking. In fact, they were not originally built for anything with wheels. They were forged by yaks, sheep, and local shepherds. These trails were the means for traveling between villages or camps and the highlands where animals thrive by grazing on the grassy slopes of these alpine regions. This makes riding in the area a very raw experience. You can’t help but feel like a trailblazer, especially if you are on one of our more intermediate to advanced routes where a free ride down the mountain may result in your bike being the first to ever hit that trail segment.


For trails of this kind, you need quality equipment. As the only biking outfitters in Songpan, Sichuan, we provide well maintained bikes or you can bring your own. We use Trek bicycles for all of our clients. The standard bike provided for twin tracks or touring Muni Valley or other village areas is a Trek 3000 or 4000 series. Our single track, intermediate and advanced routes include the use of a Trek Fuel EX5 or Trek Fuel EX7. 29ers are available.

Skill Level

Beginner to experienced riders are all welcome. Trail riding, downhill free ride sections, hike-a-bike, and touring country roads throughout Songpan are available. Many visitors to Songpan will choose a half day of biking as an add-on to their itinerary. While most rides are half to full day experiences, we also have multi day touring options that also begin at our Songpan Outdoor Center.

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