Hongxing Mountain is among the tallest stone mountains in Songpan. Situated just to the east of Chuanzhusi it is easily recognized as it towers above all surrounding peaks. Hongxing lake lies just below the base of the stone peak on the eastern side. This alpine lake is 4,000m above sea level.

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  • 3-5 day treks available
  • Experienced guides and pack horses available
  • One of the most diverse areas for trekking in Songpan or Jiuzhaigou counties
  • Camping at the lake is not allowed in order to preserve the environment
  • Contact us about details and pricing


Help us promote sustainable practices in Qizang Valley!
Qizang Valley has suffered in the past 5 years due to littering and irresponsible practices by visitors and other guides in the region. Not all guides have the same outdoor ethic as Adventure Access and most local guides do not protect the region. Please ask about the outdoor code of ethics if you are considering visiting this region and help us foster more responsibility and a sustainable approach to outdoor tourism in Qizang Valley!