Qizang Valley & Hongxing Lake Trekking

Songpan, Sichuan

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Tour duaration:
Four Days / Three Nights
2 meals per day. Lunch is not included.

Hongxing Mountain is among the tallest stone mountains in Songpan. Situated just to the east of Chuanzhusi it is easily recognizable, towering above all surrounding peaks. Hongxing Lake lies on the eastern side, just below the base of the stone peak. This alpine lake sits 13,123ft (4,000m) above sea level.
• 3-5 day treks available
• One of the most diverse areas for trekking in Songpan and Jiuzhaigou counties.
• Camping at the lake is prohibited, to preserve the environment
• Contact us regarding details and pricing


Suggested Itinerary for Qizang Valley/Hongxing Lake
Four Day/Three Night treks are available starting at 2688 RMB per person with a 2 person minimum. This includes guide services, equipment, and 2 meals per day. Lunch is not included.

The trail through Qizang Valley is not marked. Crossing from Qiaqia Valley into A’wong Valley can be challenging and difficult to navigate. While people do make this trek unguided, they often lose the trail and find it difficult to find each point along the way. We do not recommend traveling this region alone and would certainly stress that for non-Chinese speakers it is not wise to attempt this region unguided.

  • Day 1 – Qiaqia Valley Entrance to Long Lake – 18km
  • Day 2 – Long Lake to Fish Lake Base Camp – 10km
  • Day 3 – Fish Lake to Hongxing Lake (Roundtrip) – 15-20km
  • Day 4 – Fish Lake Base Camp to A’wong Valley entrance – 13km
Other Information

Qizang Valley 七藏沟 is one of the most diverse regions of Songpan. While Qizang Valley is the name for the region at large, each valley within has its own name and distinct features such as lakes and mountain peaks. It is home to well known geological features such as Long Lake, Hongxing Lake, and Hongxing Mountain.

For the past 5 years, the Adventure Access staff have regarded Hongxing Lake as one of the most amazing places in Sichuan, and it remains a favorite destination. Currently, there are plans to develop the region and work has begun to allow for more general tourism. The main area to undergo development is between A’wong Valley and Fish Lake, then onward to Hongxing Lake. At present A’wong valley’s original trail has been replaced by a very rough road that has been built into the basecamp at Fish Lake.

Our route developers and guides are currently exploring other valleys and lakes in the Hongxing area to continue providing exceptional experiences at the high level we expect for ourselves and our customers. We recently returned to the region in June of 2018 to determine the status of trekking to Hongxing lake.

Our assessment is that the trail through Qiaqiagou 卡卡沟 remains largely intact and the area around Long Lake is still quite natural. From Long Lake to Fish Lake in A’wong Valley, the trail over the mountain pass is still remote and unaffected. The trail section from Fish Lake to Hongxing Lake is also still pleasant for the outdoor enthusiast and Hongxing itself is unaffected by development for this season. If A’wong valley is simply used as an exit from the region after 3 days of hiking, most visitors will not mind the road that has been built into the area. It is not a finished road. It is very rough and rocky.

We will continue to update this page as the situation in Qizang Valley continues to change with ongoing development.

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