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Why Experience Eastern Tibet on a Cultural Tour

Meaningful cultural interaction is transformative. Authentic encounters with local cultures have a way of shaping us and this is why we value experiences that are designed to maximize cultural and relational opportunities. Go on a guided tour of a monastery, hike a pilgrim’s path around a holy mountain, or participate in the daily life of a nomad family.


Experiences like these are intended to take some time. You could make a single day excursion from places like Songpan to expose yourself to the culture of the region but it is best to experience culture through the rhythms that surface over longer periods of time. It is best to spend one to two weeks in the region to begin your journey toward discovery.


There is no “best time of year” to experience Tibet. There are too many purposes for visiting to limit any one season to the category of “best.” If you want to experience the nomadic way of life, then summer is the right time of year. If you want to experience festivities and monastic ceremonies, then the Losar celebration in January or February of each year is the best time.

Choosing the Best Tour for You

All Adventure Access experiences have elements of culture and nature, but these options are uniquely designed to give you an authenticTibetan cultural experience. Day and overnight options are available in the Songpan region. Multi-day options are available throughout the Tibetan regions of Gansu and Sichuan.


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