Xuebaoding is the tallest mountain in Eastern Aba Prefecture. It is the eastern most of the great mountains that rise out of the Himalayas and stands at 18,333ft (5588m) above sea level. The mountain sits within the Huanglong Nature Preserve and the valley to the north of the mountain is home to Huanglong National Park, one of the greatest karst formations in the world.

The eastern slopes of Xuebaoding descend quickly toward the Sichuan basin and are home to wild giant pandas. The rocky crags and forests surrounding the peak to the south and west are home to musk deer, barrel sheep, and yaks. Black bear are also found in the region. Limited reports of snow leopards around the mountain have been
heard but our team has yet to see one. Maybe one day!

There are multiple lakes in the region with the most notable being Long Lake. Waterfalls abound as ice melts and flows down the valley toward Shanglami Village. The tiny slot canyon falls near Shanglami are only a 10 minute walk from the village.

Shanglami is the closest village to Mount Xuebaoding. It is home to a mountaineering guesthouse, a couple of homestay options and newly opened private cabins with a central lodge if you are looking to elevate your experience. The village is also home to a tiny Tibetan Monastery at the trailhead toward the mountain.

Hiking near Xuebaoding allows you to experience high mountain vistas, thick forests, powerful waterfalls, and traditional Tibetan villages.

  • 3-7 day treks are available from our Outdoor Center in Songpan
  • Experienced guides for all groups and pack horses are available with advance booking
  • Stay in a local homestay in Shanglami village or elevate your experience with one of the newly opened private cabins in the village.
  • See the tour options below for details on hiking in the region or for more info on the cabins in Shanglami which are perfect for a long-weekend getaway from Chengdu.